The big advantage of noticed burr medic over crimson clover was its capacity to reseed for a number of years from a single seed crop. In studies in a number of states, the native medic efficiently reseeded for no less than two years when progress was terminated two weeks after TIBBEE bloomed. The burr medic cultivar CIRCLE VALLEY successfully reseeded in a Louisiana no-till cotton subject for more than 10 years without particular administration to keep up it . A local accession collected in northern Mississippi reveals higher cold hardiness and insect resistance than commercially out there annual medics. Up to ninety % has an outer shell that resists the softening by water and soil chemical compounds that triggers germination . Scarified seed will obtain ninety five p.c germination, and 10-12 months old uncooked seed should be 50 percent viable . Burr medic seed within the intact bur stays viable for a longer time than hulled seed .

Waiting 28 days didn’t affect corn yield, however medic biomass production was lowered by 50% . To reduce economic threat in fields where you’ve by no means grown medic, sow a combination of medics with variable seed measurement and maturation dates. In dry areas of California, medic monocultures are planted at a fee of 2 to six lb./A, whereas the speed with grasses or clovers is 6 to 12 lb./A .


Wisconsin checks at six locations showed medic produced a median of 2.2T/A when sown within the late June or early July . Early planting in this window with a late frost might give both forage and N-bearing residue, defending soil and including spring fertility. Take steps to scale back weed stress in strong seedings, particularly in early July. Midwestern farmers can overseed annual medic or a medic/grass mixture into wheat in very early spring for glorious early summer time grazing. With timely moisture, you will get a hay chopping inside 9 to 10 weeks after germination, and some species will hold working to supply a second chopping.

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Regrowth comes from lateral stems, so don’t clip or graze decrease than four or 5 inches if you want regrowth. N/A when interplanted with standard and semi-dwarf barley in a Minnesota trial. Annual MOGUL produced essentially the most biomass by fall, but additionally lowered barley yields. The taller barley was more competitive, indicating that taller small grain cultivars ought to be used to favor grain manufacturing over medic stand growth . A well-established black medic stand can scale back prices in contrast with annual crops by coming back for a few years.

Insect pests corresponding to clover leaf weevil and the alfalfa weevil preferentially attack medics over other winter legume cowl crops within the Southeast, and will jeopardize seed manufacturing. These bugs are simply managed with pyrethroid insecticides when weevils are of their second instar development stage. While not often needed for single season cowl crop benefits, pesticides may be warranted in the seeding year to ensure a reseeding crop for years to come.

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In Montana, mid-season establishment of snail medic after wheat works only in years with sufficient precipitation, when it smothers weeds, builds up N, then winterkills for a soil-holding natural mulch . SANTIAGO burr medic and SAVA snail medic were web successfully established in no-until corn three to six weeks after corn planting during a two-12 months trial in Michigan. Corn yield was reduced if medics had been seeded as much as 14 days after corn planting.

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However, without the livestock grazing benefit to supply extra utilization, water-efficient legumes corresponding to lentils and Austrian winter peas will most likely be more effective N sources. Further, the long-lived seed bank that black medic establishes could also be undesirable for some money crop rotations . MOGUL barrel medic seeded after wheat harvest produced 119 lb. N/A in southern Michigan, greater than double the N production of red clover seeded at the similar time .

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Green crops, dry crops and burs of burr medic provide good forage, however stable stands may cause bloat in cattle . The burs are concentrated nutrition for winter forage, but decrease the value of fleece when they turn into embedded in wool. Annual medics overseeded into row crops or vegetables may be grazed in fall after money crop harvest . Jess continues to fine-tune his system to maximise revenue and weed management.

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